Who is is digitally competent or who is having a good level of digital literacy? I am i the beginner´s shoes in teaching (and now learning as well) on-line. Joining the ONL course really pushes me out of my comfort zone, but I´m eager to learn new methods of teaching. The COVID-19 pandemic a year ago forced us at Arcada University of Applied sciences to move from conventional class-room teaching to finding different hybrid solutions and starting using different on-line aids. How do you teach practical nursing skills on-line?

Watching You Tube videos of conferences gone bad with people not knowing how to remove Zoom filters and performing as cats and trying to convince everybody that they are, in fact, not a cat, increases my stress. That can easily be me next week. When it is very close that your mistakes on-line will instantly go viral, the stress for not doing mistakes increases, or in my case my way of laughing at myself in my own sarcastic way increases. As a nurse with over 20-years of clinical experience before becoming a nursing teacher I do have a nice back-pack of strange experiences.

I never thought I would experience the odd situation that actually happened today. We finally after many months of working from home, got together with two other colleges. We sat in a small conference room around the same round table. Over Teams we discussed in the beginning of the meeting together with a college who joined on-line from home. The initial meeting ended and the college working from home left the Teams meeting. My closest college suggested that we continue with the next matter in the same Teams meeting. So we actually sat there, three teachers in the same room, starring at our computer screens in a Teams meeting, for a few seconds before we started laughing when we realized that we don´t need Teams to continue. Is the on-line socializing becoming the new normal? Who`s reality is real? Today I looked normal on my own screen, but on my colleges screen I looked as this picture.

And I have done efforts on adjusting my computer on books to raise the camera, moved a table lamp behind my computer to get the light right, changed the position of my chair and what not, just to look better on Zoom or Teams, and of course not entering the camera without make-up. And this is the outcome, give me a break!

Tonight I read through the given articles about PBL, so now I will start focusing on how to motivate the students behind the screens with the help of things I learn in this ONL course.

After all, I am happy to join you all on this learning journey!

Digital challenge