Carlos Diaz Ruiz is named in Insight250

I am enormously proud to be included in the 2022 Insight250 list, presented by ESOMAR and mTab. This list recognizes the leading voices in market research, enterprise intelligence, and consumer insights. It includes experts from 46 countries in academia, enterprise, agency, technology, consulting, and media.

The Insight250 selection process includes ESOMAR country representatives overseeing nominee selection. The candidates are presented to the regional judges, who are insight, research, and marketing professionals, and many of whom are previous Insight250 Winners. Winners are selected based on a spectrum of dimensions including professional experience, academic accomplishments, publication contributions, industry involvement, insight innovations, and sector accolades among others.

One of the reasons is my research on market scanning and market shaping. Firms spend large amounts of resources to scan the market to react to the changing environment, yet they are often blindsided when innovation emerges, why is that? My research publication shows the “blindspots” of two market-scanning frameworks frequently used by managers in their strategy development processes. the blindspots make firms slow to react to market-shaping acts.

Another justification is my research on how the market research industry is merging with the insights industry. reacts to ‘insights’ vendors who compete for the same budget and managerial attention. The research publication finds that market researchers are adapting, and integrating multiple types of data (organic and designed) to create a unique offering that big-data vendors cannot match. Furthermore, market researchers are leaving traditional fieldwork behind, focusing instead on solutions, consultancy, and guidance.

Dr. Diaz Ruiz was named in Insight250, 2022