Three months after the first ONL meeting, the strongest memory I have of it was that although it was totally my cup of tea in terms of topic and multiculturalism (having spent a third of my life in the UK, it feels very natural working with people from all over the world), it also seemed a little chaotic.. in a good way! So many things to do and to learn and so many attendees from all over the world of different backgrounds; it was a little surreal and reminded more of an international conference than anything else!

I would say that the second week of PBL case 1 was the turning point for me. That’s when everything fell into its place and I started fully grasping and understanding what my group and I were learning about. We wouldn’t have managed without the excellent organizational skills of Alan and Zsuzsa- Go group 2 facilitators!!

Some of the key learning points for me of this ONL experience, have been learning to share- ideas, knowledge-, engaging with my peers, hearing different opinions and being open and patient to hear them, collaborating, learning how to enhance it, being more inclusive and open to share. Learning about the FISH model, using it with my students and all these new tools and platforms we have learnt about and used, have already put me a step forward and I have put these in practice already through my teaching. They have been a big hit!

One “struggle” that I still face though, is the student engagement. This is something to work on in the next few months and use with my courses next year. I will make sure to go back to my ONL notes 😉

At last, I would like to thank my colleagues on PBL Group 2. Alan, Zsuzsa, Diana, Ilze, Magnus, Annika, Sky and Hossein for the beautiful and fruitful collaboration. Wishing you a nice Christmas and Happy New Year! We will be in touch. Stay safe and healthy!

End of the ONL reflections; lessons learnt and the next step