#ONL201 It all began on Feb 24, 2020 ……

This is my first blog post  😊

I was really excited to start on this learning journey. It has been a few years since I formally joined a  course of this length. Further, this is a unique setting for me, working with a group of educators from diverse background and from far off places.

It  also interested  me as it comes at a time when I foresee applying some of the theories and methods very soon in my modules. We were  just at the start of a pandemic and safe distance measures are affecting University teaching in an unprecedented way. I could foresee blended and e-learning to be incorporated in my module teaching while this course is on. This meme below expresses the feeling I had about discovering endless learning possibilities.

In my first week here, I tried to grapple with course structure and related issues. I was not  confident if I had understood everything but hey! I felt  blessed with an understanding team of  course facilitators and PBL group members.They all  seemed very approachable to ask any questions .

I could see that I had not planned time needed for this.  I just hoped that I do not just survive the course but actually make expected contributions as well as extend my learning. At the end of first group meeting, I could find  myself at the lower end of the continuum of planning and expectations. But hey!  It’s an opportunity for me to set my first goal – make my way to the other end by week 3 of the course.

I also saw a great opportunity to extend my own reading around the principles of teaching in this digital age. In particular, I look forward to readings and discussion on assessment and learning activities for learners in an online learning space.

more in the next post ….

First post