The first topic was explored over two weeks, we were all still newly learning to engage with one another online as well as learning new skills needed to become residents online rather than just visitors.

I am learning that being digitally literate we should be learning to use many tools online as well developing skills that will be needed to make those tools work for us as we work within an academic space.

Its easy to post a picture online or tag a friend, but can it be done in academic spaces?

My group and I discussed this in length, we concluded that we may struggle within social media spaces but student also find academic platforms strange. We decided between the Professor and the students they can assist each other to share skills and understand social media tools in order to engage with each other academically while learning and developing new skills needed to use digital social media tools.

Thinking about myself , I can use social tools but I remain a visitor online my digital literacies skills are still developing and I am still learning to navigate the online space.

From a Visitor to resident