It took me three attempts to finaly create the reflection space – I received error messages at various stages of the process and had to start all over again. Then I struggled to create a new post. But, if you can read this, I finally succeded.

Still wondering why I had to set up an additional blog (also WordPresss) in the first place, as this looks quite similar to a blog to me. Well, I’m sure I will find out! Also I never got my other blog to go live, so… I might need this one.

All in all I feel a little bit overwhelmed by all the posts in the community space. Since I registered I was flooded with so many posts from the other participants. I’m looking forward to meeting them all – and I wonder how to keep up with all the information so willingly given by mostly everyone. Also, I’m excited by the variety of people – I’m sure it will be a great experience.

So, all in all – mixed feelings. But mostly optimistic :).
In any case: Thanks for the possibility to be part of this!

Getting Started And Failing already?