Hi from Spain! I’m Juanvi, but you can call me just Juan, which will be easier for everybody.

My passions in life are computers and dogs, and that’s why I also love teaching computers and training dogs. It’s going to be difficult to apply PBL to dog’s education, but I hope to do it with my non-dog-students 😅

About my childhood, I really didn’t have a dream when I was young. I believe I’ve always been a down to earth person. I remember enjoying spending my time on my Amstrad PCW and playing with my dogs, so I think I’ve achieved the way of life I dreamed of during that time.

My goal is to improve my work with students. Specifically, here i’m looking to apply the collaborative online learning in order to try to reduce the high level of dropout of e-learning students. My center, CIFP Carlos III of Cartagena, is the VET school with the highest number of e-learning students in our region, about 1400, and dropout is one of the weaknesses of this kind of studies to fight against.

Hello World!