When you are
learning a computer programming language, the very first program that you write
is to display the text “Hello World” on computer screen. There are different
variations of this text, e.g., “Hello Moon” or “Hello Mars” depending on
personal liking and taste ☺. Well, the point here is that I wanted to
start by saying “Hello World” in my very first blogpost ☺.

I am an associate professor of computer science in Mälardalen University, Sweden. I have conducting research in embedded systems for the last 10 years. Here are my professional webpage and my Google Scholar profile.

I like to describe
myself as a teaching researcher. I have been teaching on-campus courses since
2006. During these years I had the opportunity of teaching in several countries
including Sweden, Pakistan, Italy, The Netherlands and Croatia.

Stay tuned for my
next blogpost.


Hello World!