I have facilitated learning groups for a long time, but on-line it is, maybe not more difficult, but it is at least different. How do you get all people connected from all over the world, sharing and learning together? If you are in the same room at the same time there are some frames already set – time and space – physically. That frame does not exist in the open learning in the same way. You need to create it – or several frames in time and space – and what is said, done and the relations. How? If the group is five people, but only two shows up… How do you still create an opportunity for collaboration and learning?

I think Drive is a good tool for that. Also to be able to record Zoom-meetings. In that way everyone can still take part of the groups work and, for example thru a Chat (like Discord, WhatsUp, etc) you can still be connected. Whether or not you are in the same room at the same time or not, collaboration, sharing, taking responsibility for the groups work, my own learning, etc – that is being active – is important in both cases.

So, if learning takes part on-line, together with others, there need to be a set of tools, that together, both supports collaboration and learning – individually and collective. The social arrangement needs to be talked about – how to relate to one another. Also how and where to share and discuss and how we use the language – what is in focus of our learning. And finally the doing – what kind of activities do we do individually and as a learning-group. Wether or not it is in a physical room och in the open – I think these things needs to support the task at hand.

How to begin collaborate in a new group online