My name is Carys and I am writing this series of blog posts as part of a pedagogical course I am taking called Open Networked Learning.

Photo courtesy of Jesper Berg

I am a 41-year old British Swede living in Malmö. I have been studying and working at Lund University since I arrived in Sweden 10 years ago. First as a Masters student, then as a PhD student and, most recently, as a researcher and teacher.

I work in Marketing at the Business Administration department of the Lund University School of Economics and Management. I am also part of the Centre for Retail Research, an interdisciplinary research network that aims to communicate cutting edge retail research to individuals and businesses.

My research is about consumer culture and retail and often takes a critical approach. I also have a strong interest in sustainability. I currently teach students on the masters level in courses on Consumption, Multichannel Retail and Research strategy, which I really enjoy.

When I am not working, taking pedagogical courses, studying Swedish, or taking care of my 4-year old son, I run an anti-consumption blog and social media profile called Buy Less Be More.

Introducing myself