Makt att göra skillnad

We really do not have a choice – open learning is already happening and soon enough educational institutions will be evaluated according to their ”quality of learning support” rather than ” the quality of content delivery” which students can find in other places.

It is a hopeful scenario where open content and open learning ”reflect a particular philosophy of equality and opportunity created through education”. Universities that resist open learning will be loose their unique position of educators as people can find alternative ways to find high qualitive education or training in other places than campus-based programs.

This and much more I have read in A.W Bates book ”The implications of ‘open’ for course and program design: towards a paradigm shift? Teaching in a digital age” Second ed. And for all of you that are interested in reading it, of course his book is free.

Reading has created a sense of ”Wow!”. I am a believer in knowledge and the impact it can have to make this world a better place, no matter in what area of knowledge we are speaking of. I am aware of the many threats and problems but right now I choose to focus on the positive – in the incredible scenario that knowledge will be FREE OF COST. That is a true paradigm shift – incredible – I cannot even phantom the impact it will have.

I believe that knowledge leads to power. But what is power? Perhaps we will also redifine the meaning of power which in the past has been connected to greed, manipulation and violence. I read a post about this by Ewa Braf who claims that in the future we will have”power to empower”. And in the book ”The power paradox” (Keltner 2016) a new defintion claims that power is about making a difference in the world. That power isn´t something we take, but something that is given by others. We must deserve power by actions that improve the lives of others: in our social networks.

Wow – I am all for digital open learning and for a redefinition of power and more importantly of what can happen when those that are powerless gain knowledge that will empower them and create a more equal society.

Makt att göra skillnad
It is already happening