In music when we see the sign above we are supposed to repeat that entire section bounded by the two pair of dots. 

Though this ONL module has come to a close, this week the last week, it feels like we can add the above musical notation to the end of this week and start all over again. 

I like the approach adopted in this module where i get to feel what a student feels in a blended learning, online, problem-based, group work setting with lots of reading resources available on the module website. In particular I also appreciate that there are two beautiful facilitators supporting our group and standing behind in the “classroom” watching us get out act together, which we seem to do quite seamlessly every time even though the group is separated in both the spatial and temporal dimensions. I also appreciate each member of the group for sharing their thoughts and ideas freely which inspired me to try out new techniques and tools for the new semester.

What I learned from over this period of learning is as follows:

1/ To begin with, it will be to look broader over the issues related to education. I feel my understanding of a thoughtful or reflective educator is still rather primitive and really struggle to appreciate the sociological and cultural aspects of education, not really being able to articulate it in a meaningful way I wish I could.  

2/ Although I have studied and lived outside of Asia for several years (in the UK and Italy) this is the first time for me to do such a project with multi-national colleagues on an education project online. It is enjoyable to listen to different accents from different countries during our group sessions and to share some Singaporean phrases which made most of them laughed. (I won’t forget Miro-Board for Mee Rebus quite so soon 😁)

3/ Blogging is quite a nice way of capturing my own thoughts and while I hope some people out there would take some precious time to read my rambling on education, learning and teaching, I benefit from simply writing out to straighten out my over-cooked spaghetti thoughts. 

I think I will stop here. It’s 11pm and I made it. 5 blogs in 24 hours. I even made some comments on the blogs others wrote. I never fail to surprise myself.

That’s another thing I learn from this module. 

안녕히 게세요. 

좋은 일만 가득하시길 바람니다.

다음 시간 다시 만납니다 친구들.
Topic 5: Last journey of ONL221