What I know before this:

I never even thought about schools being a social thing at all!

What I want to learn about this:

I didnt even set out to want to think about this!

What I have learnt about this:

LOADS, as usual!

Firstly – about how relationally we exist:

Dron, J. & Anderson, T. (2014). Teaching crowds: Learning and social media. Athabasca University Press. Fig 3.1, Page 73

Learning the definitions:

Tagging the right social software to the correct social form and their respective characteristics:

I think a picture tells a thousand words. If I were addressing a group, due to the motivations of how the group was set up, the use of MOOCS/LMS would not be effective for “Sets” purely because they did not come into this form to learn structured knowledge, whereas for a “Group” e.g. a class etc with a formal structure, there would be a motivation to learn things, get a particular grade/cert to pass out. Twitter would have the opposite effect. As such, it would even mean that how we would market the information would be important!

Food for much thought!

Learning in Communities – Networked Collaborative Learning: Topic 3 ONL221