Where are my blogs? I thought I would start bloging like Dagny, the famous 106 years old Swedish lady. Or at least start to reflect, discuss and update. Instead I am finding myself as far away from blogs as I was before starting the course about ONL, meaning On-Line Learning. But I am really learning though I might look like  I am more running beside the course waving to catch up to some level of dignity to call myself a student. But I am learning alot but not visible in blogs.

The timing of this course was perfect. Why? It started exactly as the outbreak of  the COVID-19 did. Its first Topic was Online participation and digital literacies and I felt too much home it its headline. It was me. When I read about digital challenges (Kay Oddone, 2018) in Linking Learning, the professional Portfolio, I recognized myself in each “significant barriers for many individuals”; I was trembling. But I knew this course was mine. But how should I manage to participate? I felt I was iliterate! I had starting problems, my dear group members knows and I do wonder (still) how to cope with ”home-works” on-top of all extra commitments in the waves of the present pandemic for all but might be harder for us academics in the health-care field since many also are clinical teachers (and even clinical part-time workers). For us all it is recognized with worries for colleagues who suffers from pandemic related sick-leave, and daily (almost) new challenges with questions from (nursing) students in the clinical placements. But that is an issue for another blog, this is about my ONL.

What more about the marvelous timing?

One time when this might be read in the far future we hardly remember the time and must re-call that suddenly (March 2020) all university educations (probably all who could on the planet) needed go on-line. Even those at Campus and even those teachers, as me, who admitted to prefer meeting the students in the classroom. Yes, I admitted it so much at the interview for my present work that I was convinced I wouldn’t get the position when I left the interview. I do enjoy the personal interaction and I can’t (still) imagine that to be compared ONL.  

But the courses I am in went On-line with a speed! By me. I can’t almost imagine that less than 2 weeks ago I didn’t know how to arrange a Zoom-meeting. Now I have planned and am running two full courses for nursing students on-line! And this morning, eventually and by myself, I managed to arrange such a beautiful background on my Zoom room 🙂 Now I feel like a real “Zoomer!” Learning from my colleagues in the course, Grateful that this course came to my rescue, it is really on-line learning.

Learning to swim in the water -thanks ONL-course coming to my rescue