It was a great journey attending the ONL202 course, and being part of group 2, which was a very fantastic experience with amazing members. The ONL is an online course, teaching us how to go online in our education. Taking this course during the pandemic provided more motivation to us for learning and discussing different topics. I believe that we all were so lucky for taking this course during this period as we were feeling and experiencing the challenges, and looking for solutions. 
I gained a lot of knowledge during the course, especially knowing the differences and challenges with different types of learning, such as on-campus/classroom, online, and blended. I have seen our colleagues struggling to setup blended or online learning for their courses during the Corona time, and their complaints about increased workload to prepare videos and materials. These issues were discussed during our meetings, and I believe that we had to prepare ourselves long ago for this situation. Many countries have good Internet infrastructure, and many tools were designed and tested for this purpose, but there were very few courses using online tools. The ONL course should be available for more teachers all over the world, even for school teachers to make everyone ready for the transition to online when needed.   
I learned using different types of tools and social media for education. perhaps before taking this course, I was so reluctant to post something as a blog, but now I see that this is happening, and I feel stronger to share my ideas and thoughts. There are many tools, such as Slack that I have not used in the past. It’s great to communicate with students using such a tool. It is amazing when it comes to collaboration and teamwork. I also have the same reflection with the Padlet, where the outcome of our discussions was posted there. It gives everyone to access a page with well-structured boxes, which is friendly and intuitive. 
I should admit that usually, I neglect the social part of education, where it was highlighted in these courses. The first week was dedicated to getting to know each other, and have social interaction. I think we need to dedicate time and space for social interaction in all courses, and it really worth it. Digital tools provide this capability to share videos and voice and thus talking about personal issues. This helps everyone to feel safe and get more self-confidence to share their ideas and discuss in the group. 
Finally, I recommend all my colleagues to take this journey, attend this course, and enjoy fruitfully discussions, participate at webinars, and actively involve themselves in posting blogs and commenting on their colleagues’ posts. It helps all of us to understand this concept better, and be more prepared for such learning experience. 

Lessons learned from ONL202