WebBannerDLAmplificationEffort_1280-No-Text-e1499098144326.pngI have had a great time following the ONL course. It has been such an interesting learning experience, highlighting both the benefits of ONL and some of the challenges. One of the key take-aways for me has been the the importance of building both personal and professional relationships when learning in groups. It would have been a much lonelier and less enjoyable experience without the input of my fellow group members and the wonderful facilitators.

I now feel much better equipped to integrate many of the digital tools we have used into my teaching – Padlet and Trello in particular, as well as Zoom for interacting with students. I also feel better able to utilise the e-learning platform that my university already provides – Blackboard – and how I can begin to use some of its tools ie group forums, tutor feedback, media file uploads, quizzes etc. The ONL has also made me aware of what I need to be mindful of when designing a course to involve blended learning. I particularly liked the guidance provided in Topic 4 in this regard.

I think that there is enormous potential to integrate digital tools into my teaching. Law, which can often be a very textually based (and somewhat dry) really lends itself to a blended learning approach. As I wrote in my last post, facilitating class discussions and research based learning are perhaps the two key areas that could be enhanced through the use of digital tools. Moreover, better equipping students with the practical tools they will need to practice law could also be achieved through digital tools, for example the use of simulations (court rooms, moot courts etc).

The challenge that I may encounter is the lack of widespread use of blended learning in my department. This may mean that students are somewhat reluctant to explore online learning option who are in the habit of learning from the textbook and are afraid of technology due to lack of knowledge or just not willing to embrace the digital era. I still believe, however, that with some nudging students will begin to see the benefits of blended learning and begin to embrace it.

Lastly, I would just like to say a big thank you to all my group members and to Lotta our facilitator in particular –  it has been wonderful getting to know you! Thank you for all your great work and fantastic group chats – take care!



Lessons learnt – future practice