I’m that IT-guy trying to explain all that digital stuff to teachers and students, to make them more comfortable and to tease them to leave their comfort zone and make more cool things with the tools they got. I’ve tried writing manuals, folders, web pages, talking, showing PowerPoint and even making instructional movies (1) and some more fun and inspiring stuff (2). Now I seek for new and better ideas. How …
Linnaeus University, Campus Kalmar
I’ve been using social media since the early eighties, been traveling around the whole country evangelizing about the Internet in the mid nineties. When i began blogging I couldn’t find the software i needed so i wrote my own “engine”, not anything fancy like WordPress or Blogger but it could do what I needed. I’m also fond of Open Source aka Free Software. I have been using Linux and the surrounding ecosystem of programs for decades. But I’m not that fanatical. I run Windows, Mac OS, MS Office et cetera, also. There is lots of new interesting stuff out there (and some not so new ideas with new names).
Raspberry Pi, computer built for learning and tinkering. Mostly running Linux.  Compare the size with a credit card.

I like to converting ideas and concepts to pictures. Maybe thats why I like photography(3). I bought my first SLR at the age of fifteen and have been shooting since then. As a photographer I can recommend GIMP and Darktable. Two excellent programs.

Self portrait
A couple of years ago I even begun trying out filmmaking(3). Most I know about that is learned from YouTube I’ve got no formal education in that area. 

How about learning in a YouTube world? What will happen? 


Me, myself and I – some kind of presentation