Yes, you read right – Plog, not blog. So, what is is?

Well, during one of our sessions we came up with the term plog: a professional blog. You might remember reading in one of first posts, the challenge I faced as to whether I would write professionally or as the true me. I chose to write as the true, informal me with no hint of professionalism. Or so I thought!

How wrong was I! In the process of being vulnerable, I ended up finding my own professional writing style. One that I hope relates to people, emotions and the learning journey. Which interestingly has been my biggest learning curve during ONL191.

I have always been a sensitive soul and have always prided myself in my own level of EI. The question that remains to be asked is- did I ever really understand the role that emotions and social presence play online? Quite frankly, I don’t think I did understand the mechanisms behind it. But to see how it unfolds in an online group and the role it played in our group was truly magical.

What I will walk away with today is much more than understanding the methodologies that drive student engagement but the importance of how they can shape the emotional journey and accessibility to learning online.

I’ve just loved the various tools we have used and am using them to drive engagement with my teams. What wonders it has made for working with my team from a distance.

So maybe this is my last plog of 2019… or maybe not ?

My Final Plog