I am Olle a senior lecturer in Economics at Luleå University of Technology, north of Sweden. I have been a lecturer for about 25 years and I have mainly been teaching at the campus for classes up to more than 200 students, and I love it. My concern number ONE as a teacher is to design the course so I stimulate students to work hard with the right things from start and to create continuously – not so time consuming – feedback opportunities.

However, in spring 2020 – as you know – everything had to be online because the pandemic, quit exacting. Actually, I recognized that distance teaching could also be fun and I also realized that I could use online elements in my future campus teaching. So, I decided to participate in a course “Open Networked Learning” (ONL) during fall 2020 for learn more about online tools but also give me inspiration in other pedagogic methods for improving both my online and campus teaching. But why this blog? It is actually one of the compulsory assignments in the course.

Coming from north, I love all weather and all seasons for walking, running, skiing and to play golf with companion of my beloved dog Lukas, an 11 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. However, my favorite season is our unique “spring-winter” (March/April). Skate with my skies out on the sea (ice) with blue sky and bright sun, heaven.

My first blog: Who and why