I finnished my ONL181 course last December, and now I am in ONL191 already. It must have been a fun course, you think? And I can sincerely say that YES, it was fun and I learned so much that I want to learn more.
What did I learn then? Well, a lot about Online Network Learning, about PBL and collaboration, about networking all over the world and som pretty cool new tools I can use in my teaching. Some I learned by reading and looking for information from online, some I learned from the webinars, but most I learned from the group. By discussing and collaborating, sometimes we were all quite buzy with our work, but we still collaborated and did the course together!
I have a previous blog with the heading ”Cooperative, Collaborative, PBL or TBL” where I have collected some articles and websites about collaborative and cooperative learning. You might want to check that out?
Where am I now? Well back in the ONL community as a co-facilitator. It is going to be so fun to be able to help and support the new ONL group and I have the best facilitator to guide me in this group! I am looking forward to learn a lot more again during this journey!

My second ONL course in one year!