What do I think after the first meeting in this course? Hm. First and foremost that we’re a nice and diverse bunch of people with everyone seemingly eager to learn from each other. That’s a good start! Additionally, that it’s going to be useful to be open-minded and that it’s more than ok to be a bit unsure of what to expect exactly from the course. There will be a lot of space to shape the course and our learning processes with each other and that sounds as if this is going to be a very valuable experience if everyone is willing and able to contribute. I’ve noticed that I’m maybe not the most familiar with the meta-level reflections that we’ll be doing but that will make it all the more interesting! Since I’m completely unfamiliar with PBL as a learning method, I will look a little bit more into the FISh method to familiarise myself with that. Wonder what people’s experiences with it are, and how/when they think you can best use it!

ONL day 1 – commencement of a journey