We hope you have enjoyed the first topic and you are beginning to work well in your PBL groups. Now it’s time to move on to our second topic and for the coming two weeks you will be investigating open learning and the challenges and benefits of sharing educational resources and even whole courses with the world. As in topic 1 you will have a scenario to discuss and resolve in your PBL groups, some articles and videos to read and watch and a new reflection post to write.

The first thing you should do is read through the Topic 2 description, listen to the introductory podcast and try to read some of the suggested material before the first topic webinar on Wednesday 18th of October. For this webinar we are glad to welcome back another international renowned practitioner and scholar, Dr Orna Farrell. She is an Associate Professor of Education, specialising in digital education based in the School of Policy Practice, Institute of Education in Dublin City University (DCU).

Please also note that in 23-29 October it’s the international Open Access week.

-Have fun!

ONL232 Topic 2: Open learning – sharing and openness

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