To really co-create…

Do we dare to co-create our education? With collegues? With students? With other subject areas? With other partners? And why should we? Yes, I love to be open. Maybe you have gotten this by now. But why? I have given you some reasons earlier. But one of my big reason is also co-creation. I really […]


What is openness?

What is it to me? To you? Can it help save the world? There are a lot of reasons being open, and there are a lot of reasons why you shouln’t be to open. But for me, opening up more have given me GREAT possibilities to learn, to join and create communities, and to build […]


To find our voice

How do we speak? And how do we listen? In different contexts? Together with different people? What is our aim and who are our audience? In higher education we are often very formalized. We know the requirements and we can compare with other texts. We know the format and the agenda is rather strict. Then […]


Learning in communities

When I was young. Or younger. Or at least before I turned 40… I looked upon teaching as explaining well. To be clear as a lecurer. I really liked to write and to create learning material also. Where things could be explained. This was my view as a student, a systems developer, and this was […]


Why a blog?

Why do I blog? And why do I blog openly? This was questions that got me started with THIS blog. I have been blogging earlier but not regurlaly in any way. Today we had a start up meeting with the course “Open Networked Learning” and we got to discuss this issue: How open do I […]

Meeting times

Hi, everyone and welcome to PBL group 3, This week we will meet in a big webinar at monday at 11, but myself (facilitator) and Alexandra (co-facilitator) have also planned for the groups first meetings: First week: We hope to see you ALL on Monday 25/2 at 16.00 CET, Thursday 28/2 at 16.00 CET, and […]