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In this topic we will be investigating the power of learning together, i.e. learning in communities and networked collaboration! What could be more fun than learning together?  This is what you are already experiencing in your groups and in the ONL222 community itself but we will look especially at how we can form communities and how they differ from networks. We also invite you to consider your own personal learning network – all the great people you are connected with in your professional life from nearest campus colleagues to people you only know through networks, projects, Twitter, ResearchGate etc. You will get the possibility to reflect upon how can you develop these professional networks and benefit from them even further, but also how we help our students to do the same.

In this topic we have Kay Oddone (Charles Sturt University, Australia) as our guest expert and you can meet her in a webinar (7 November) and a discussion (14 November). She has been around since she herself took the course, for several iterations of this course, but now she will do her last iteration, for now at least.

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Topic 3 – Learning in communities

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