Thank you for #ONL241, see you in #ONL242

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt appreciation to every participant and facilitator who played a pivotal role in making this course a resounding success. The energy, enthusiasm, and insights you brought to the table were truly priceless. We are deeply grateful for your commitment to fostering a cooperative and stimulating learning environment for all. […]

That’s all folks! Thank you for ONL232

We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all the participants and facilitators who made this course a success. Your active participation and contribution have been invaluable. Thank you for making this course a collaborative and enriching experience for everyone. Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that the next iteration of […]

Topic 2: Open Learning – Sharing and Openness

Through my group discussions, course webinars, and literature readings, I have come to a better understanding of the role of open learning and the challenges that I need to be aware of. I have also learned about the concept of ‘open educational practices’ (OEP) in higher education and their benefits (Santos, 2019). To begin with, […]

Open learning- Sharing and Openness Pros and Cons

Open learning, sharing, and openness lead to free and open access to educational resources and knowledge. Open learning refers to the idea that education should be open and accessible to all, regardless of social or economic status. This means that educational resources, such as textbooks, lectures, and other materials, should be freely available online. Open […]

Topic 1: Online Participation and Digital Literacy

As a university researcher and teacher, I rely heavily on digital tools for my work, including communication, research, and teaching. I consider myself a digital resident when it comes to teaching and research activities, but a digital visitor when it comes to social media. Digital literacy is a crucial skill for researchers and educators in […]

Learning is indeed a process which requres practice and time.

Topic 5: Final summarizing reflection

During the ONL222 course, I have come to understand that open networked learning and the increasing plethora of useful digital resources can offer great possibilities for instructors and learners alike. This course was inspiring due to the many good theories, ideas and practices shared within an interdisciplinary forum. Admittedly, at first, I expected this course […]

Importance of cognitive, social, and teaching presence

Topic 4: Improving learner engagement through meaningful group activities

One major concern of tertiary education institutions is the high dropout rate of adult learners from online courses, which is particularly a prevalent issue in asynchronous fully online courses (Kay, 2022). While several internal as well as external factors will determine the decision of students to drop a course, Park and Choi (2009) have identified […]

Learning in collaborative groups and networks

Topic 3: Constructive online collaboration requires intrinsic learner motivation, time, trust, shared values, and a balanced sharing of duties

Scenario 3 draws attention to lacking collaboration among students while working in groups. Capdeferro and Romero (2012) have identified in their research that students often feel frustrated in collaborative learning activities in online courses, particularly due to asymmetric collaboration, a lack of shared values and clear communication, and due to an imbalance regarding individual contributions […]

Topic 2: Openness is a good goal to strive for – regardless of the mode of learning

For good pedagogical reasons, the ONL222 course is a forum which welcomes, fosters, and practices openness. Higher education institutions increasingly often emphasize the benefits of openness[1], with digital open resources and practices contributing to an increasing range of pedagogical possibilities. Generally, following Bali et al.’s (2020) understanding of different forms of openness, it is important […]

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ONL222 Topic 2: Open learning – the journey continues

Now we enter the second week of this topic and we hope you are having interesting discussions in your groups. If you haven’t seen the webinar with Maha Bali from the first week please do so (view recording). This week (Wednesday 26 October 12:00 CEST) you are welcome to join our second webinar with Kiruthika […]


ONL222 Topic 2: Open learning – sharing and openness

We hope you have enjoyed the first topic and you are beginning to work well in your PBL groups. Now it’s time to move on to our second topic and for the coming two weeks you will be investigating open learning and the challenges and benefits of sharing educational resources and even whole courses with […]