Why do I blog? And why do I blog openly?

This was questions that got me started with THIS blog. I have been blogging earlier but not regurlaly in any way.

Today we had a start up meeting with the course “Open Networked Learning” and we got to discuss this issue: How open do I want to be…? And I have realized that I have changed a lot myself, in this point of view since I myself took this course in the autumn of 2017.

Then I was, well not afraid, but uncertain. I wrote but juts to try it out, not knowing really why I wanted to try this. So, I wrote something yes, but not really my personal thought, but instead I wrote what I thought I was suppoed to write. THAT is now a big difference for me…

Now, I write to make my thought clearer for myself, but also to invite you, as a reader to elaborate on my thoughts. Because I really think that every learning journey is a collaboration. Sometimes with different text, and sometimes more directly with other people. But you cannot learn in a vaccuum. Or it is difficult anyway…;-)

So, for me learning is clearing my thoughts, it is putting the thought into words, telleing the words out loud, and then getting other people’s input on my thoughts. Maybe I have to make them clearer, even for myself? And probably they can be elaborated with the help of you readers…?

So, then I really want to know how YOU feel about what I have written? Do you blog? Why/why not? Does it help you? Others? In what way?



Why a blog?