I thought I had some digital literacy before I entered this ONL course, which was a mistake. And then I refer to my knowledge, not entering this course. Padlet, Whats App, Coogle, Prezi, Twitter, Google Drive… so many new experiences, and I have to confess that I am quite lost. I have also learned some new terminology, such as digital literacy and digital transformation. Never reflected before there was a researched field within this area. 

Still, it’s so fun to learn new things and hopefully I will develop some new technical skills. After watching the videos and reading the suggested literature I identified myself as mainly a visitor, and not a resident. It was interesting to map my own appearance in the digital world based on the visitor-resident, private-professional concept, and it made it clear that I´m mainly private online. My goal is to move the box in the left lower corner to the right lower corner, changing from visitor to resident.

Also, I wanted to try a new digital tool for me, Padlet. It was easier said than done. It ended up with me choosing to use PowerPoint instead for the mapping which I can manage reasonably well. Maybe it was hard to use because I read somewhere that Padlet for the moment is overloaded due to the corona-virus and there are many new users. Nevertheless, I am very interested in learning how to use Padlet (and other tools) which we have used in our PBL- group. For me it looks like a tool with great potential and significantly more fun to create than a PowerPoint. Topic one reflected myself, it could have been me written the scenario. During the twitter session (first time for me) it became obvious that I´m not the only person being a visitor and newcomer. The digital transformation journey has started. The collaboration in the PBL-group have greatly contributed to what I have learned so far. Working together in small groups are for me a nice way of learning. A positive attitude in the learning environment enhances self-efficacy and this in turn enhances online learning behaviors.

For my personal development, I am eager to learn about digital tools to enhance and facilitate the learning for the students I will be teaching but also for my private life. 

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Online participation & digital literacies