Open learning, in essence, means an educational system that enables learners to own integrated educational programs (e.g ONL platform), which differ in their structure and mechanism management than traditional models. Also the open model characterized by openness that is based on flexibility in the requirements of the learner’s enrollment in a specific educational program (asynchronous and synchronous collaboration), and facilitating knowledge of the geographical distance from the educational institution through a modern and innovative tool(e.g ZOOM ,Kaltura).
For my view, there are pioneering countries in activating contemporary literature on the concept of digital learning, such as (the United States, Europe, East Asia …), Who develop quality measurement mechanisms according to clear strategies to advance their educational research sector as one of the basic pillars of sustainable development.

However, This does not mean that our African Cyberculture heritage is incomplete but It lacks innovative valuation to constantly grow through educational practices that often mimic contemporary concepts, despite the digital divide and the difference in capabilities (weak digital infrastructure, poor internet traffic, digital illiteracy ..).

The controversial question, about the horizon and possibilities of the hybridization of African and Western digital culture in the same Digital orbit. According to my opinion I consider it an opportunity for vulnerable people of Africa, to be able and empowered them for open communications (ICT Literacy), which may help in the social and cultural development of the continent.

Together..We will succeed

Open Learning and Cyberculture : An Open reflexion