When talking about open learning, one would assume making the material available online for everyone, anywhere at anytime. However, we are living in a world that still high percentage of people have no or limited access to Internet. Looking into the map above shows that in 2017, most of African countries had below 20% access to Internet. This means that providing high quality materials for online learning will have no impact in those societies.

Open learning through making the materials available online will not help universal access to information, and it will eventually increase the gap between poor and rich societies. The open educational resources should be available to everyone, even those who have no access to Internet. One way would be to make the OER available offline, meaning that the course content should be stored in memories and shared among students for free. I believe that some organizations, such as UNESCO with the help of governments and NGOs should initiate this movement to provide free access to information for education.

Open learning: fair or unfair?