So a week has gone by and I find myself struggling to get into the grove of virtual meetings and collaborating on Google Drive. Not because I am unfamiliar with the technology, but just because of time difference. Being close to the equator means my days start earlier than most of my other group mates, so by the time they’re ready to start, I am winding down my day at work.

Struggling also because I missed the first two meetings due to work commitments. But the struggles have also given me invaluable perspectives of the learners I’m trying to reach. They are primarily working adults, like myself. And like me they are also quite likely to be juggling multiple roles. So this serves a great reminder to me, that I must think a little harder about how to make their learning journey a little less difficult, and a little bit more fun.

I’m grateful though to my group members who are doing their bit to get all of us on board, and on the same page (quite literally sometimes). I shall have be thinking about my digital footprint and the impact it’s had on my learning. Also how other adult learners may be coping with their own digital literacy and how it’s enhanced or impeded their learning. I shall be back soon with my thoughts on that.

In the meantime, keep learning and drop me a note if you have comments or if you want to share your personal experiences with me!

Open Networked Learning: Reflection #1