Open educational resources are discussed  for the topic 2.  We have 4 sessions for this topic since last week.

Some questions, I keep asking myself…

  • is it safe to share?
  • is it okay not to share?
  • Can my works be recognized?
  • Copyrights?
  • Use my own time to support this work?
  • Is it the right ways for me to contribute back to our sociality ?
  • Possible to meet some people who have similar interests with me on the open resources’ platform ?
  • Intention to share or not o share?
  • Am I have any support from my institution? or I can only work alone? Am I able to make it by myself?
  • Have I sufficient skills and resources to make it happened?
  •  Should I be the first person to share? When and where to share?
  • What’s the responsibility for me if shared?
  • Is it for me? or in fact, do for everyone?
  • what’re the barriers?


Here is my today’s breakfast. More than happy to share with you!


useful resources from PBL group 6

Open resources.. what to do and where to go!