In one of my courses – Creative Concept Development I normally perform a Prototyping lecture where the students train to build quick and rough prototypes.

This is something that is a bit trickier to perform on distance compared to a co-located lecture. So I decided to be a bit creative and created envelopes with prototyping material for the students!

Creating the prototyping kits 
The content of the prototyping kit

After half part of the lecture, students were told to open the envelope and spend 45 min to come up with solutions to improve hybrid teaching problem in groups.

The exercise
The exercise is based on the DarkHorse prototype, where the students should explore a crazy or risky idea.

Designers may have rejected certain ideas because they were perceived as being too risky, radical, impossible, unacceptable, and so on. The dark horse prototype gives designers the permission to think bigger and more creatively. (Carleton and Cockayne 2009)

The results of the prototyping lecture


It seems like the students really liked the approach, it was fun and they liked the interactions both as a team and to build something ‘together’ (even that they were at different physical places). The theme for the prototyping “improving hybrid teaching” was something that the students 

Feedback from the students

One of the exchange students reflected that:

The prototype showing the hand sensors created at the prototyping workshop has to be my best prototype. I learnt that it doesn’t have to be that advanced or any fancy materials used to create the prototyp for it to visualize it’s purpose



Carleton, T., & Cockayne, W. (2009). The power of prototypes in foresight engineering. In Proceedings of ICED 09, the 17th International Conference on Engineering Design, Palo Alto, CA, USA, 24.-27.08. 2009.Preview the document
Prototyping lecture on distance