Dear ONLers,

We hope this final post finds you all well! Before moving into holiday season mode, we want to thank you for fantastic engagement in the course, for generous sharing and for laughs and kindness along the way! It’s been ten intense weeks and we know that for most participants, this course is simply added on top of other ‘to-dos’ – so well done all and hope you have time ahead to recover your breath.

Don’t forget to update the Activity tracker (if you haven’t already) and to compile the resources you want to keep (using one or another digital tool ;o)).

A new iteration of the course, ONL171, will launch in February (see here). Tell your friends and colleagues!

With just eight days to go before the winter solstice on the northern hemisphere, Swedes in general like to light candles and curl up in a sofa, while on the southern hemisphere, summer solstice is coming up and with current temperatures around 20°C in Cape Town and day temperatures in Brisbane around 30°C, preferences probably differ greatly ;o). Anyway – wish you all the very best!!!

The course team

Recovering lost time – no wait, lost?

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