As an individual I consider my self to have a strong digital literacy, in both my personal and professional life. I consider myself to be both a visitor and a resident though when it comes to social media apps I limit my presence. I tend to separate my personal and professional life identities when it comes digital literacy. Professionally, I use digital tools for learning and teaching subjects such as 3d printing, sketchup, photoshop and other IT skills that normally are not used within the fine art context as it tends to be associated with offline techniques such as painting however this is changing.I do find in that case that my journey is characterized by a strong technological background such as electronic engineering and now I am in an environment such as art in which the digital literacy in terms of it skills tends to be quite limited so it definitely poses a challenge as an educator and artist.

ONL is a developmental process through which I hope can benefit from or be inspired and apply as a lecturer to help my students with their own learning process. My experiences from ONL are mixed since I find that its a great tool for collaborative projects and sharing ideas but is limited when it comes to receiving feedback.



Ruixue Liu and Changdi Shi, Exploring different types of interaction on collaborative learning in online platforms, Int. J. Innovation and Learning, Vol. 23, No. 4, 2018


Reflection Topic 1 resident vs visitor