Dear ONLers,

We hope you are all well and have had a nice weekend! As we enter Easter week, the course halts for a short moment to give room for catching up and reflecting. Also, for many of us the ongoing CoVid-19 situation means increased workloads and different tasks to manage.

For this week, there are no planned activities in the course or for the groups. At this point things may have piled up on your to-do list and we want you to have the opportunity to generally catch up – and to reflect on your learning journey so far.

During the first week in the groups, ‘house rules’ were discussed and you have now been using them during four weeks. Perhaps, as you return to your groups after Easter weekend, it is time to look at them yet again and evaluate: what worked? – Was there any rule-bending? – Do we want to change anything?

Kind regards,

The ONL team

Reflection week

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