Hello to all!

The aim of this blog is to reflect about my overall ONL course experience.

During this short ONL trip, I learned a lot of things. But the first thing that comes to my mind is that I learned to be more open: More open to share my expertise online (via blogs), more open to give feedback/comment, more open to discuss with my colleagues and with my students new ways and tools for teaching and learning.

Also, I did not imagine that working online in a (PBL) group with people that I never met before will be so productive and so joyful. By default, we are not comfortable with people that we don’t know. This discomfort disappeared since the second meeting and it was replaced by a joyful environment with a lot of fun and a lot of work.

Writing my first blog was not easy at all and it took me a lot of time. I have never done this before and I didn’t know even how to start. This became easier and easier  with each new blog that I wrote.

How to apply what I learned in my teaching?

I learned a lot of new techniques for collaborative learning that I will be able to implement in my teaching.

I am also very excited to implement the four phase model in blended learning as soon as I am given the opportunity.

I will definitely add in my courses webpages discussions threads that are open for my students for discussions (kind of forum where students can ask me questions about the lectures, and can get answers either from me or from other students). Of course, to make this feasible, I have first to work with my students on the learning environment to make them feel safe and secure when they are sharing their answers.

Finally, I will talk about our PBL group work experience. For our group, I could say that our diversity was our key asset. Indeed, we were all from diverse backgrounds in teaching and research, and we all learned (from each other) new teaching/learning techniques and the work was very smooth. This experience was really amazing!  

This is why I would like to end this blog by thanking all the members of the PBL group 8 for such moments of fun and work! So thank you Bianca, Anna, Denise, Emina, Karin and Alex (of course if you are reading the blog 😀 ) !

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