to whom it it might concern – Welcome to claudia PBL07 ONL201
… that’s what I am getting to be – a member of a group of 10 people going through a learning journey.
Me – one of all members of this online learning community ONL201 that just started. This is my very first blog and I have have to say that I am not so sure about the topics I should share with you here 😉
“not so sure” is quite true for me these days of introduction to a very new environment – in different aspects of this journey.
Usually I give seminars and workshops for Leaders and Consultants in Coaching, Supervision and Organizational Development…. presence of people seems to be key, at least for the main part of the sessions. I am curious about what this learning opportunity will teach make me want, lern, become, hope, try and more.

note: I was surprised about myself – even without knowing about the consequences of Covid-19 and my plan to reduce engagements – I applied to this offer without any hesitation … after checking the main outlines of the course and webinars.

lets say sixty colleagues started a very new experience online. Learning & new thing are not my “problem” – my challenge is to convince myself to be good enough in English, to not hinder others to learn, due to my “gaps”. I guess it will take me a while to get familiar with all the tools and possibilities in the online community.
After the introduction at our School: I feel much better after the sharing of possible frustration and language issues. Language will be one of my major issues and I hope to be able to “make myself understandable” 😉 – I can’t remember who’s comment it was : “…with every difficulty in your own online learning journey, you get an idea of how it could or will be for students or clients in your learning space”. So this will be my “helping thought” in difficult moments.
to be continued … at least for me 😉

starting a journey – online learning in a community