Dear friends,

For Scandinavians, summer is very special due to the very uneven distribution of daylight and temperature during the four seasons. This time of year, the northernmost parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland have midnight sun – and during winter there will be a period when the sun never manages to rise above the horizon! Denmark and the southernmost part of Sweden have long days (in Lund today the sun rose at 4:29 am and will set at 9:53 pm) whereas in the winter the days are but a few hours long. These last few days, the temperature finally seems to have changed into summer mode (today max 28° and lowest night temperature estimated to 16°).

The ONL course and the course team are resting comfortably in hammocks or elsewhere and hope you are too! We will be back this autumn with another iteration of the ONL course, ONL152, starting September 22nd. Registration will open in the middle of August. Also check the ONL152 tab in the menu bar!

Wish you all a great summer!

The course team

Summer weather and autumn forecast

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