Design is a funny word. Some people think
design means how it looks. But of course if you dig deeper, it’s really how it
works….. Steve Jobs

Incredible!!! The whole course has culminated.
It was a roller coaster.

 I was expecting a lot of interactions, wasn’t really scared. I was
looking forward to meeting people from across the globe and learning digital
methods and tools as well as innovations. I liked the concept of the course
even more than the contents. The only fear I suppose was the time management as
it was right in the middle of term.

I have learnt so much on this course. The very
fact that randomly grouped individuals could gel and work in unison from all
over the globe was incredible. On Friday we met for the last time and yet it
felt that we had just started…we unanimously agreed to continue a monthly
meeting and keep in touch…almost like a behind the credits scene promising more
to come.

We established some ground rules at the
beginning and with great facilitation the journey was a breeze.  I really liked the group meetings and the
FISH document. It was so easy to work around it. I liked the idea of using
different tools and working around them. I look forward to using Padlet and
webinars to complement my teaching and learning. I also liked the concepts of emotions
in online learning. It has a deceptive presence, almost missed but constantly

ONL has been a great experience, and I hope I can do this again sometime in the future. It is possible to build efficient communities of learning with a little time effort. I look forward to continuing this journey and thank the facilitators and the course coordinators for an excellent course.

The Journey Continues…