Welcome to my first reflection on digital literacy. it was really interesting to read about visitors and residents of digital literacy conceptualization by watching David white’s video and online seminar. When it comes to describing my relationship with digital, I see myself as more residence as my social visibility is highlighted when I post on Instagram, tweeting, blogging, or sharing comments on Canvas as a teacher. My type of online behaviour shows a consistent social trace which could be within a closed group of my students and colleagues as well as my close family and friends on social media or on the open web. I can consider myself a native speaker if “Digital” is the language because I don’t think of how to use tools when I need them, I subconsciously use them when collaborating and cooperating with my colleagues and students. However, I cannot relate it directly to the generation I belong to, there are so many other variables such as my characteristics as a human, my education and my experiences regarding digital. I believe that even as native speakers, we cannot call ourselves good academic writers. we still need some skills to express ourselves in a proper manner. Therefore, we need to practice and learn from weaknesses and mistakes to improve our skills. To be continued….