The past 3 weeks have went by so fast, and in a blink of an eye we are done with topic 1, wow! It has been a roller coaster with the amount of information we needed to grasp with regards to getting started, preparing for our tasks and being able to attend PBL group meetings.

This topic has been an eye opener for me because it turned out i was not digital savvy as i thought 🙂 but, the learning experience gained from this topic helped me explore other digital platforms that i have never been exposed to. We might not be aware of how important digital literacy is in our personal and professional lives and to actively participate in such platforms. What also interested me in this topic was how much we all (PBL group) related to the person in the scenario given and that made it very much easy to understand and be able to complete our task.

This topic encourages us to blend our teaching strategies with digital literacy and to encourage online participation from both teachers and students. This also helps diversify learning and make it a lot interesting, plus digital platforms serve as a lifeline during a pandemic like we facing now (The Corona Virus).

According to White, D ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPOG3iThmRI&feature=youtu.be) most people tend to be visitors when it comes to using digital platforms for their professional lives and stay as visitors rather than transcend to residents. There could be multiple reasons as why but, one could be scared to use the different tools and would rather stay as visitors.

This topic has encouraged me to explore more in the digital space and to not fear anything as long as i am willing to learn, in-fact embrace making mistakes because that is how we learn.

Lastly as much as this topic is about online participation but it also kept reminding us as a group how important for each of us contribute in completing this task and that we should all collaborate and participate as much as we can.

TOPIC 1: Online Participation and Digital Literacy