Great blog! I agree. You said there might be worries about sharing teaching materials. Yes, it might have to with some kind of fear of competition. Somebody might use the points you have made, with out of referring to you.

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Fascinating two weeks, and much learning has taken place around Open Educational Practices (OEP) and Open Educational Resources (OER) ! The introduction to openness in education by Kay Oddone (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) and Alastair Creelman (Linnaeus University, Sweden) gave me so many new insights and I needed to look up many of the OERs e.g. Coursera and EMMA. The concept of Creative Commons was also new and an important learning. In our PBL group we continued the investigations to understand challenges and advantages of OER/OEP and also how students view this new way of learning.

It has been an eye-opener that with the use of OEP/OER learners shift from passive receivers to active producers since the OERs shift education from content- to activity-based learning. This can be very stimulating for the learners, and they could be asked to produce material that will actually be used in the…

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Topic 2: Open Learning – Sharing and Openness