Dear friends,

We hope you are all well and that you are coming to terms with this new learning environment and feeling more and more comfortable!  Topic 2 on Digital Literacy – or as we have seen, it is rather Literacies – seems to have given you ample opportunity to reflect on and identify how these relate to your current personal and professional practice. The PBL groups are active and seeing the resulting shared findings from the group work towards the end of each topic/week is rewarding. Your reflections in the main ONL community and in your blogs on ‘Digital me’ are really interesting – do take some time to read each other’s blog posts and be active in commenting on individual blogs and the shared findings from the PBL groups!

In this week’s topic, starting today, we will discuss Collaborative learning & communities. We think you will find this topic very valuable as this is at the very heart of the ideas behind ONL. Please see Topic 3 for more information!

Tonight, October 14th, at 8-9 pm (20:00-21:00) CEST, there will be a Tweet chat about this week’s topic, led by Alastair Creelman. We have noticed that several of you have started using Twitter and we encourage you all to learn more about and try out Twitter as one of the tools in building Personal Learning Networks. To learn more about Twitter, watch this video “What is Twitter?”  and if you are new to Tweet chats, watch this “How to take part in a Twitter chat” – both by Alastair Creelman.

In our timeline we have reached Topic 3:  Collaborative learning and communities




We have now reached topic 3 in our timeline. If you are aiming for a certificate (check participation modes and requirements) you should by now have written two reflective posts, and if you are part of a PBL group you should have been active in discussions and participated in some of the collaborative work.

Don´t forget to post your blog posts and group work in the big community!

We wish you all another exciting week and see you online!

The ONL team

Welcome to Topic 3 – Collaborative learning & communities

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