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To describe collaboration on the basis of a choir I find brilliant. A great comparison. I will use this example in one of my next training courses, in which collaboration plays an important role. Thank you for this metaphor.

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The topic

In this topic ‘Learning in communities – networked collaborative
learning’, our PBL group were interested in the term ‘connectivism’.

I particularly enjoyed reading the original article on this by George Siemens from 2005. There were so many aspects included in the founding of this –ism that I found fascinating. First, he comments on the current (nb 2005) status and trends in learning and discusses that we (learners) over a lifetime move into many different areas and that learning is a continual, lifetime activity. Informal learning has become so much more common (and accepted) and formal learning is no longer the major component. Many new and many different approaches to learning have become evident (eg. communities, networks) and learning and work related activities are more often the same. Technology has entered and makes our needs in learning different; know-how and know-what is now accompanied by know-where (to…

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Topic 3 (ONL192): Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning