Are we all fine????

Covid 19 has forced us all to move our communication online.  We are all working hard during lockdown trying to keep the students on track, to shift to online learning within a short space of time. Technology is there, but the shift to online learning does not always go as smooth as what we want it to be. These pitfalls can be very discouraging and frustrating for both lecturers and students.

I have a few memes illustrating some of the pitfalls:

1.      Time management:

2.   Shortage of devices:

3.  Connectivity:



4.       Computer literacy:


Bottom line… Yes, there are some issues, but we have learnt so much and I am determined to help the lectures and students to adapt to new learning conditions based on the knowledge I gained in this ONL course.

Thank you to our facilitators for the great help when some of us got lost. You were always just an email away. You shared your experiences with us, and we can now apply all this knowledge in our own institutions. You allowed us to have an open and active mindset and allowed us to share our own personal experiences with the group. 

To conclude a final meme to illustrate we shall never give up.


Topic 5: End of the ONL journey….