What did I learn? What is my lessons learnt?

My answer to that is quite simple: „A lot, I have learned!

However, this is not meaningful enough for a reflection, so there is a small description.

But first I would like to say that it was a lot of fun. It was exhausting, no question, but it was just great!

The very good webinars, the tweetchat, the great open sources and last but not least the meetings in PBL Group 4 contributed their part. It was also great that the community was able to clarify questions again and again. It was possible to build a relationship with the group despite no personal meetings. Seeing how the people felt, whether they were feeling well or not, was very noticeable despite the distance. Of course, it would be nice if one could meet in person. But what is not, can still become!

I usually divide my learning into two parts. One part refers to the content I have learned and the other part refers to my learning process. But you can’t really separate one from the other.

I’ll start with the content.

I got to know the Gilly-Salmon 5 Stage-Model before the course. I have created a blended learning course for problem-based learning together with colleagues. The Getting Started and Connecting made me realize what Stage 1 Access and Motivation and Stage 2 Online Socialization mean. Creating my own blog, opening a G+ account and joining a community was a little challenge, but it was worth it. But everything was explained in detail. The only skills needed were to organize yourself and do it easily. Self-regulated learning was required. The first webinar was very impressive when so many people met via zoom. The organizers and facilitators were very helpful and shared their experiences. That calmed them down immensely. So my arrival and the first confrontation were done and the motivation was there. In the following weeks the Stage 3-5 in the processing of the topics became clear again and again!

In each topic important issuses were discussed. I can’t reflect all the topics. It would be too much and I would not be finished on page 20.

The discussion about my digital competence (see Blog Topic 1) and my attitude to openness (see Blog Topic 2) were the first steps in ONL181. The next step was to further develop sharing in the sense of knowledge, to profit from the knowledge/pre-knowledge of others and to make the knowledge available to others for further development. We also got to know new tools that made it possible to make our results available to the community. We shared our knowledge. We made the issues of Topics 1-5 to our own issues. Collaboration as a topic, but also in our work, was one of the highlights in the processing.

The facilitator and the co-facilitator, specifically Malin and Esther, accompanied us perfectly. They guided us in a gentle way and helped us to become more active and active. Their motto was to give us space and guard rails. By observing them I was able to see what tasks a facilitator has in the PBL groups (see Blog Topic 4). Of course, the role was not unknown to me, as I was a facilitator myself and give courses on the PBL. But still it is different when you experience yourself in the group and feel the effect on your own learning.

How did my learning process go?

The aspect of lifelong learning became very clear to me. To continue learning in your life you need motivation. Without motivation, learning can only take place to a very limited extent or under pressure. A course that enabled me to develop different skills. Learning strategies, thinking strategies and skills as well as working techniques.

  • Learning strategies in the sense of: Asking questions, researching …
  • Strategies and abilities in the sense of: Networking of topics, understanding what others mean by their previous knowledge …
  • Work technique in the sense of: how do I organize myself with ONL 181, work and private life, concentration …

I understand it under the term self-regulated learning, which enables me to continue learning in order to deepen myself in different topics.

So in this course I could feel a sense of flow that motivated me to be present and open to learning.

Therefore, my goal for the coming year is:

Participate in ONL 191 next year to deepen the topics. Perhaps even to take up the challenge of taking on the role of co-facilitator.

In this spirit I would like to thank the organizers Maria, Lotta, Lars, Alastair and especially Malin and Esther and last but not least the whole great PBL Group 4!



Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice