Thank you to all ONL Team, Lotta from Lund University and my fellows here at Lund with whom I had two lovely lunch meetings,

Special thanks to the PBL Group 1 members:

Our group facilitators: Alastair and Mboni,

Our group members: Anna-Karin, Diego, Lorraine, Peter, and Yadhna! It has been lovely getting to know you, collaborating with you, despite the hours differences and loads of other things all of us were busy doing. I think we were such a great team that collaborated throughout the course very effectively! Lucky me

It feels funny remembering in week 1 we were introducing ourselves to each other and the other groups. I thought a word document would be fine and I think no one said anything because they didn’t want to scare me off? 🙂

Throughout the weeks I have learnt to use so many fancy online tools, Zoom being the most useful one so far 🙂 We have used various other online sources from the online tool box such as Padlet, Mindmeister, Prezi, Google Forms, Mentimeter, Google Docs, and I even created a meme for the first time in my life (see above) 🙂 i must admit, it made me feel young 😉

The link to the online toolbox we have is amazing, and here I put a link so that whenever I need it I come back to my blog and find it here.

Our discussions about the safety of online collaboration was very important, and perhaps this is something that could be devoted more time in this course. I also thought the role (or absence) of emotions in online or blended courses was something to keep in mind when designing these courses.

The scenario during Topic 4 was especially useful for me, as I had a chance to think about how I would use the things I learnt in this course in the courses I will teach in the future. So my involvement in ONL was definitely useful, and a different experience compared to the other useful pedagogy courses I am currently taking. Having taken this course, I feel more confident about recording short videos to share with my students, having zoom meetings and webinars, asking for collaborative group work that can be shared in an online platform.

As we came to an end for this course, I feel there are many other tools to explore. Some examples are Newsgathering (and alike), Publish (and alike), using the blogs more efficiently and more in a more stylish way (mine is horrible looking I know!).

Teaching, learning, and collaborating will continue!

Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice