Dear colleagues,

Finally we have set off for the exciting learning journey of ONL191 with a completely new homepage!

There are around 100 registered participants who will study in 13 mixed PBL groups! During this first week of “Getting started” you have an opportunity to create your user account for the ONL community space and to learn how to navigate the learning spaces and create your learning blog.

Next week we will shift focus to “Connecting” in particular within the PBL groups. But first, warm welcome to the course!

Please note: this is a post published at the course site, if you have signed up to subscribe to posts you will get it as an e-mail. If you have not subscribed yet we highly recommend you that you do in order not to miss any important course announcements.

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The course team

Week 1: “Getting started” starts today!

2 thoughts on “Week 1: “Getting started” starts today!

    1. Great! At the botton of each page, you can find “SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL”. Enter your email address and hit “SUBSCRIBE” and follow the instructions.
      Warm welcome to the course!

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