business-2846221_1920Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

Week 2 of ONL201 saw us forming our groups, and using different technologies to work together collaboratively.

Using Zoom for our group meetings was an interesting experience for me, as it allowed me to utilise the different functionalities of that application – with the current issues around the world with school shut downs, learning about this has been very timely. I was able to apply these new skills in my own workplace, and help colleagues with their use of the application.

We discussed as a group a great variety of applications that we could use in our group work, and its organisation: Trello, Google Keep and Microsoft To Do, as some options for keeping track of tasks. For our group presentation, it was fun for everyone to use different avatar creators such as Family Guy generator, Bitmoji and Memoji.

Next week sees us begin the first topic – Online participation and digital literacies. I have found the readings and videos in preparation for this topic engaging, and motivating to get embedded into my studies.






Week 2 – Connecting