Dear friends,

We hope you are all well and have used topic 4 to learn more about flexible learning and pedagogies but also to identify opportunities and challenges for your students and your practice. There is an interesting post-potpourri of flexibility and mobility in category 4 of the ONL Google+ community – or what do you say about:

  • connectivity with Stephen Downes
  • accelerating your digital curriculum
  • best practice for the Google classroom
  •  understanding flexible and mobile terminology
  •  an elegant ”sway” of flexible and mobile learning
  • thoughts on “Recipes for lost courses”
  •  the link between flexibility and progression

These are posted along with interesting personal blog reflections in the community! Make sure you check out what is happening – do not miss that learning experience! We want to encourage you all to share in the ONL community, also your experiences and critical reflections from participating in the ONL course so far.


In our timeline we have reached Topic 5 – Open Educational Practices (see resources and tasks here).  In this topic we will discuss Open Educational Resources (OER), open and closed tools as well as open access participation in courses and you will have the opportunity to reflect on openness in your own practice.

See you all online.

The ONL team

We have now reached topic 5 in our timeline. If you are aiming for a certificate (check participate modes and requirements) you should by now have written 3 posts. If you are part of a PBL-group you have been active in 4 discussions and participated in the collaborative work.

Don´t forget to post your blog posts and group work in the big community.






Welcome to topic 5!

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